Debelle Moisturizing lotion

Hrithik Shriyan

 We've formulated a top body lotion using natural butters to ensure smooth, hydrated skin all year round.

When it comes to what we use on our faces, we'll splurge on the latest cream that promises to work miracles and tend to spend far too much time dutifully performing each of the six steps in our skin care regimens. 

As for tending to the rest of our skin we normally care less.

So when we run out of lotion, we swing by our local Health n Glow and pick up whatever's on sale. Dermatologists say this is a dumb move. That's because just like the products you put on your face, your body lotion should cater to your skin type. So if you're extra dry or tend to break out, have oily skin or live in a super-dry climate, you'd ideally use a lotion designed specifically to deal with what your skin needs.

We created this body lotion to ensure it has "non-greasy and soothing" qualities. Users also appreciate the body lotion's shea scent and can't believe how quickly it absorbs.  One user says. "It's an amazing body lotion at an even better price."


Full of luscious moisturizing properties including shea butter, jojoba oil and olive oils for a unique blend of antioxidants and vitamin E , this enchanting, creamy emulsion creates soft, touchable, and subtly scented skin.

Our idea was to create the BEST smelling lotion that you have ever used. Not only that, but the smell lingers on your skin forever, literally, it lasts until you wash it off in the shower. 

Debelle Lotion absorbs very quickly and leaves the skin feeling very smooth and soft, but not overly moisturized or greasy. It is packaged in a very simple and classic bottle. We don’t think that our lotion would work for an extremely dry skin, just because it absorbs so quickly and lacks that greasiness that extremely dry skin needs, but it’s amazing for dry to normal skin.